The Seashores which never sleeps

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History of Negombo spans centuries into the medieval & colonial period. Because of the greet and amazing shallow waters of Negombo which provides safe & shelter for sloops and vessels could be a key reason why Negombo became such a key point of Sri Lankan territories. Among the things in Negombo what shines is the fact that past Kings in Jaffna used this Port for external trades with other countries and is another reason the number of Tamil community lives in Negombo.

There is a folk saying that it is the Portugal arrivals place the name Negombo by corrupting a Tamil Phrase “NeerKolombu” which later became Negombo. Most of the Jaffna kings build fortresses around Negombo in order to fortify these areas. In the period of the 16th century, Portugal people used these important place to trade cinnamon.

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Negombo Situated around 2 meters above mean sea-level and has a mix of land and water together. The Negombo lagoon is one of the eye-catching sceneries in this amazing place. As an estimate, there are around 190 distinct spices and birds live among these lagoons. Between 24-30 degrees of Celsius temperature can be experienced throughout the year.

Most of the People living in these areas are Catholics by generations and can be considered as a multi-cultural and ethnical city. Other than this fact there is a smaller number of Chinese community lives in these areas.

Negombo is considered as one of the largest economic growth point in the Sri Lankan Economy notably because of the fishing & resale harbors. This city is also known as the City where its Sea shores never sleep because of the business nature. The city ruled by the local government through Negombo urban council which its members elected for 5 years of period

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